Every business owner understands the value of top-notch talent. After all, one wrong hire can result in a considerable amount of wasted time and resources. While finding quality candidates is always going to be a challenge, experienced managers know that recruiting is a complex process that requires foresight and planning. Here, we’ll discuss three of the toughest parts of the recruitment process — along with some strategies on how to conquer them:


When you need to fill a role, you need to fill it ASAP. Combine this sprint to the finish line with the fact that recruiting involves many moving parts and requires a significant investment of time and resources, and the process can end up seeming like a chaotic rush job. So, how do you streamline and stand out? 

Solution: Utilize Technology

Fortunately for recruiters, there’s an influx of new technology specifically explicitly built to streamline and improve their work efficiency. For example, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can automate repetitive tasks, such as screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and sending follow-up emails. This, in turn, should free up time for better candidate evaluation and engagement. Tools that provide data-driven insight into the hiring process can leverage predictive analytics to eliminate human biases, identify the exact personality traits that predict success in a particular role, and even develop predictive models that can be used to determine the most suitable candidates. By utilizing all this available technology, recruiters can make the process infinitely more manageable.  Not every organization is large enough to need such a robust solution.  Utilizing Indeed and/or Zip Recruiter will allow you to achieve similar functionality.


If you recognize the value of top talent, then guess what? So does your competition. The truth is top salespeople are often in high demand and will most likely choose from multiple job offers. If you want to hire the best of the best as quickly as you can, the recruitment process shouldn’t just start the day you put up a job listing. You need to develop a proactive approach to attracting top-level talent and creating interest in your company so that when your job listing goes up, qualified candidates are immediately flooding your inbox. 

Solution: Create a Strong Employer Brand

To set yourself apart, you’ll need to promote the qualities that make your company an attractive place to work so top-level talent is aware of your company long before they decide to apply. Using any and every platform available; you should be showcasing your organizational values, culture, and unique selling points. Employee testimonials and content that gives insight into your unique work environment can be powerful tools for developing a pipeline of highly qualified candidates who are familiar with your company and eager to join your team. 


Many companies need help to fill specialized roles that are highly technical or require years of relevant experience. This is exacerbated by rapid technological advancements that have caused the skills necessary for some positions to shift and evolve almost overnight. So, to ensure you don’t end up chasing skilled workers, you’ll need to change focus and invest in developing a skilled workforce. 

Solution: Practice Skill Based Hiring and Invest in Employee Training

When hiring for these types of roles, you should start by putting aside some of your standard hiring practices. Skills-based hiring, which focuses on skill-based assessments and portfolios over degrees or experience, can provide outstanding results. If your needs always outpace supply, you should be investing more time and energy into employee training and developing programs. For certain niche skills, not every star employee will come gift-wrapped with a strong resume. In this situation, developing in-house mentoring programs or partnering with educational programs to create customized training materials can help you build the skilled workforce with the required expertise you require. 

If the recruiting process still feels overwhelming, consider getting some expert help. As a 100% MSP-focused sales service, OSR Manage can help fine-tune your recruiting process to attract the talent you need, no matter your vertical or niche. Contact us today.