Our training and management system starting in the MSP industry and has helped grown MSP sales departments all over the country. Our success filters down to one simple thing, what gets measured, gets done.

With OSR Manage, we understand what metrics a salesperson must hit to be successful and hold salespeople accountable through daily huddles, weekly one on ones, as well as weekly sales training classes. Regular calls with the owner or leadership team of our clients are also there to discuss where the salesperson or sales teams stands, if there are concerns and put solutions in place to help everyone succeed.

We have the plans and accountability for all needs, whether you are looking for:

  • someone to generate leads for the principle to close
  • a salesperson to take a deal from cold call to close
  • an account manager to grow revenue within your current client base
  • a full team in the hopes that one of the salespeople gravitate into a management role

We are here for you.

The average salesperson spends 68% of their day prospecting and only 12% in the Active Sales Cycle.
The Active Sales Cycle is the time a salesperson or owner is actively engaged in the sales process (initial sales appointment, developing a proposal, proposal meeting, closing meeting, etc.).