The benefits of having this role on your staff include:

  • Making sure all clients are on the same systems to ensure your technical team is running at peak performance
  • Create a white space analysis that can true up clients, identify risk clients, focus on contract renewals and/or old proposals
  • Identifying top clients and segmenting your client base out into A, B and C buckets
  • Cross sell potential new products/services that you are adding into your offerings


This is How We
Get It Done

Recruiting and Hiring – Our 5-step recruiting process is focused on our client’s core values, which mitigates the risk of that account manager, giving our clients a higher success rate and better culture fit.

During this process, a sales personality profile given to candidates that are good fits to see how they will communicate, both internally with our client’s teams, as well as with the prospects. We are involved every step of the way with our clients so that when the right person is found, both sides agree together that account manager is the right fit.

Training – An initial two-week training is focused on the industry, what your companies offering looks like, how you present your stack and understanding what the clients’ needs will be. Much like a hunter, we are focused heavily on scripts, objections, talk tracks and role plays in the beginning, with an ongoing focus on continuing education.

We also work with the owner/principle and/or technical members that have historically done account management functions to see what their selling process is to make changes, as needed, and incorporate that into training the account manager.

Management – Our system starting in the MSP industry and has helped grown MSP sales departments all over the country. Our success filters down to one simple thing, what gets measured, gets done. With OSR Manage, we understand what metrics an account manager must hit daily to be successful and hold them accountable through daily huddles, weekly one on ones, as well as weekly sales training.

We also create an ROI calculator for the business owner and have regular calls to discuss where the account manager stands, if there are concerns and put solutions in place to help that account manager succeed. Our system tracks the rep’s success daily, measures weekly and grades monthly to ensure a healthy pipeline and happy clients.