When a recent OSR client struggled to get optimum output from two of its team members, their sales department was in dire straits.

One sales employee was struggling to achieve results even though they were engaged, placing over two thousand calls per month. Despite these intense efforts, they received very low appointment results month after month, becoming frustrated as a result. The other was already disengaged, placing just two hundred calls a month and receiving no response because of a lack of effort. Instead of focusing on learning the industry to become more productive, they used non-job-related activities, such as helping in the office or doing industry research, as excuses to avoid prospecting.

When OSR Manage was introduced, both employees were re-trained, given clear goals, and shown how other sales employees had found success using the OSR Manage system. With expectations in line and an accountability system in place, the underachieving salesman saw the writing on the wall and promptly quit. The engaged employee recognized their shortcomings and requested a switch to account manager where their talents were better suited. OSR then hired, trained, and managed up a dedicated new hunter who quickly turned around the department with superior results. Today, four years later, that new hire is the sales manager of the department.


Rather than imposing their will and attempting to coerce employees who were disengaged or ineffective, this client implemented the OSR Manage system that allowed for productivity issues to sort themselves out naturally. Because the company’s goals were clearly defined and proper structure and support were provided, sales team members were now being held accountable with clear expectations. This created a system where those who were a good fit for the department flourished, and those who were not were forced to rethink their role. As a result, each of these team members naturally gravitated towards situations that were in sync with their talents, which in turn greatly benefitted the company overall.


When the OSR Manage system is implemented, it allows employees to understand the goals of the company clearly and their roles within it. Rather than coddling employees, this type of supportive culture creates the opportunity for them to take responsibility for their successes and failures instead of being able to make excuses. In the end, this creates a culture wherein those who are in line with company goals thrive, and both the employee and entity can grow together.

With OSR Manage, we can create a cultural shift within your sales department that will result in a positive uptick in productivity and efficiency.

With daily huddles, weekly training, weekly one on one’s, pre and post-appointment reviews, you can be assured that your employees will be well-supported, well-prepared, and on a track to deliver real and measurable results.