A recent OSR client was struggling to add and keep quality salespeople on their workforce. Over the years, they hired five different candidates hoping to groom them into long-term employees but were failing to get them to stay. One of their new hires even abandoned ship within two weeks of being given the job. The cost and effort of having to replace these employees, and then train their replacements, was becoming a drain on the overall health of the business.

Looking to find a way to recruit talented salespeople and entice them to stick around, they turned to the OSR Manage, which implemented tried and true recruiting, training and management techniques such as ongoing accountability morning huddles and process follow-throughs.  Now with a new salesperson trained, given a roadmap to success and being accountable to specific goals, this company is seeing real sales results for the first time outside of referrals and hot leads. The company’s latest new hire has been there for just over 8 months, has brought in more money than he is costing the company and they are looking to add another salesperson to the team to speed up an already growing sales department.


Without the specific structure needed to incentivize, inspire, and motivate their salespeople, this client’s sales department saw much of their hard work attracting talented candidates squandered. Once introduced, OSR’s sales-oriented management methods paved the path to success by introducing specialized training, personal attention, and high-level accountability. This has created a positive work environment that was attractive to new employees, incentivizing them to stay with the company longer and helping to build a sales department with a track record for success.


In the IT industry, many genuinely talented professionals assume the management methods they have utilized with much success on the tech side of the business will translate perfectly to their sales department. This is rarely the case. Because of the specific demands of a sales position and the unique nature of this type of work, salespeople need specially tailored management systems. These methods must feature the right mix of encouragement, specialized training, and goal setting to make sure each employee sits down each day feeling strongly about their chances to convert potential leads and earn monthly commission. Although successful management methods may share similar techniques and end-goals, the specifics of how to implement these tactics and achieve those goals must be tailored to fit the specific department it will be used in.

With OSR Manage, we can help you create a work environment that attracts and retains talented employees. Our years of experience mean we have acquired the knowledge and specific expertise to develop management techniques that get the most out of any sales department within your business.