From the moment you step out of your front door or open your laptop until the time you finally find your way back to bed, you’re being sold by content marketing. At bus stops. On highway billboards. And especially when you check social media. This bombardment of modern advertising means the trust gap between consumers and marketers has never been bigger. With all those voices out there, how do you get consumers to listen to you?

The secret is providing valuable information that attracts attention and creates long term trust in your business. Known as content marketing, this strategic, long-term approach focuses on converting potential customers by sharing high-quality, consistent, and relevant content that showcases your values, story, and vision, by simply sharing your expertise.

As you create your content marketing strategy, the key to ultimately getting those qualities across will lie in choosing the right words that affect how your company thinks and acts towards others. With that in mind, here are three specific ways you can make your words work for you:

Be Authentic

If you’re going to communicate the qualities that set you apart, you don’t want to sound like a robot. Because a large part of content marketing is telling your story, you will always garner more attention if that story has unique authenticity and attitude. Would you take a meeting with an MSP if the salesman describes their services as “the best in the area” without providing any potential value to your business? Probably not. That could be a good selling point, but not something a prospect necessarily looks for in an MSP. This is why the day-to-day energy and excitement you bring to the table needs to come across in every turn of phrase you use in your content marketing, so the singular vision you possess is always on full display.

Be Personal

Connecting to customers on a personal level doesn’t just mean adding a few chosen buzzwords to your content marketing pieces. It also extends to the type of conversations you have. A recent report revealed that face to face requests are 34 times more successful than e-mails. In other words, people are more likely to say “no” when they can’t see or hear you. With all the new ways people can find your business, the tried and true method of picking up the phone and calling prospects still leads the way.

And while it’s important to stay professional, finding ways to have interactions that aren’t overtly transactional and feel less scripted will help you seem more human and trustworthy to your customers. If people are calling you and getting stuffy automated messages in return, they may start looking for someone with a bit more personality to talk to.

Be Positive

Finally, although there are ups and downs in every field, framing obstacles in a positive light is essential when establishing trust in potential clients. For example, if someone commented on your Facebook page “Can I get a dark web scan for my business?”, instead of a negative response such as “Your contract does not include Dark Web Scans,” you could generate positivity with that reply. Something like, “We’d be happy to provide you with a Dark Web Scan! Let us know if you want to set a meeting to discuss changing your contract” gives a nice sense of anticipation and leaves clients with something to look forward to instead of just leaving them disappointed.

With so many companies creating content to garner attention and connect with potential customers, proven copywriting techniques such as those listed above can be the difference between a great first impression or a bad one. If you’re searching for the right words to tell your story with content marketing, OSR’s sales and marketing services can help you find the perfect phrases to show the world what separates you from the field.