The recruiting landscape is constantly evolving. And with the turmoil of the last few years spurring constant whiplash-inducing changes, deciphering where things are heading can seem futile. But a few trends have emerged that must be addressed by recruiting professionals looking to keep up with the competition. Here, we’ll explore recruiting trends that have taken center stage in 2023.


The push to become a more technology-driven company isn’t just a tagline to sell more tech solutions. The next generation of the workforce is demanding it. 

As the first truly digital-native generation, Gen Z has grown up with technology, which means they have high expectations for its use in the workplace. If they walk into their new office and find outdated systems and an antiquated workflow, they will quickly look to move on. This means that companies must invest in the latest tools and advancements to attract and retain top talent.

But this shift doesn’t end with buying a few fancy tech gadgets. Gen Z’s familiarity with all things online means you’ll have to meet them where they spend their time. To develop a robust talent pipeline, you must create strong branding that showcases your values and appeal through social media and online content. These mediums are crucial if you want to make yourself familiar and relevant to the newest wave of young talent and be on their radar when they start weighing where they want to work.

The bottom line is this: If your company doesn’t feel up to date, the next generation of professionals won’t want to work for you. 


Due to recruiting becoming more competitive and strategic, recruiting professionals are also starting to have more say in top-level decisions such as branding, how to address skill gaps, and what the work environment should look or feel like.

But with great power comes great responsibility! This shift means recruiters must rise to the occasion and be able to offer more than just another opinion. They must become proficient in data analysis and interpretation. They need to be able to identify hiring trends. They should understand recruiting patterns and speak the language of the professionals they hire. Recruiters who can provide truly valuable insights into these matters will help bridge the gap between HR and other departments and be able to take full advantage of this newly granted seat at the decision-making table. 

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